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Transport Canada Compliance

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Our trailers conform to all applicable Transport Canada standards and Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations exemptions as at the date of Manufacture. All of our trailers adhere to Transport Canada requirements including IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container) tanks, lighting, tires, wheels, axels, sizing, weight, and safety features.

Most fuel transfer tanks and auxiliary tanks on the market are not designed for refueling flammable liquids such as gasoline, but instead only to transport non-flammable liquids. The non-bulk refueling tanks used with our Cottage Gas Buddy fuel trailers are designed and Transport Canada compliant for transport and refueling while the refueling tank is still attached to the transporting vehicle.

Manufactured In Canada

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Cottage Gas Buddy trailers are built and assembled with safety and quality control foremost, at our facility in Ancaster, Ontario.

We utilize the best industry components to provide our customers with a functional, durable fuel trailer that will safely bring you many years of time saving convenience; increasing your leisure time at the cottage.

Safety Features

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- Explosive proof pumps

- Battery enclosures

- Transport Canada compliant IBC tanks

- Galvanized Transport Canada compliant trailers

- Radial tires are used to provide a strong and long-lasting solution.

- Roll Cage in case of overturn; prevents tank damage and potential leaks.

Operators should not transport flammable liquids without planning and careful consideration. From a safety standpoint though, you can have confidence that our Cottage Gas Buddy models are built with only the correct and safest components available.

Satisfaction Guarantee

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Cottage Gas Buddy endeavours to provide our customers with a premium product built for years of functional use. We look for your recommendations to your friends and will work with you to resolve any issues and provide you with full satisfaction in our products.

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